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Www.Homedepot.Com/Survey is the $5000 Survey Sweepstakes deal from the official Home Depot Stores. Home Depot Survey is available across North America (The USA, Canada, & Mexico) to gather genuine opinions from the do-it-yourself Customers.

Www.HomeDepot.Com/Survey Page

Surprising Facts About The Home Depot Store:

  • It is the world’s largest home improvement retailer.
  • The Home Depot is having more than 4 Lakh Orange blooded associates.
  • It has nearly 2,200 stores in North America.
Receipt Valid For:Fourteen (14) days
Prize:Sweepstakes worth $5000
Countries:U.S.A, Canada, & Mexico
Current Sweepstakes Duration:August 2, 2021 – October 31, 2021
How To Enter:By Online Survey or By Email (AMOE)
Official URL:Www.Homedepot.Com/Survey
Winners Drawing Date:November 8, 2021
Survey Duration:5-7 Minutes

Sweepstakes Period: Home Depot 2021 Q1 U.S. Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes begins at 12:00 a.m. Central Time (“CT”) on August 2, 2021, and ends at 11:59 p.m. CT on October 31, 2021.

Please keep your Home Depot purchase receipt with you when you are ready to start the survey. Include one space between groups of characters as shown on your receipt.

Also, check the Dgcustomerfirst survey to win a $100 General gift card.

Www.HomeDepot.Com Survey

If you complete the survey, you will get the opportunity to join a Sweepstakes program from the official Home Depot Company.

The approximate retail value (“ARV”) of the Consumer Prize & Professional Category Prize is five thousand dollars ($5,000).

Enter Www.HomeDepot.Com/Survey Sweepstakes

There are two methods to enter into a $5000 worth Sweepstakes program offered by Home depot hardware retailers.

Method 1: By participating online Survey with User ID & Password on the receipt.

Method 2: Without taking the survey via the Alternate Method of Entry (“AMOE”).

I will now explain how to enter into Sweepstakes by participating in an online Survey.

Take Www.HomeDepot.Com Customer Survey Now

Once you enter the official survey page from the given below link, the home page appears like the below Image.

Home Depot Survey Home Page
Home Depot Survey Page

Note that any characters resembling the letter “O” should be entered as the number zero (“0”).

User ID & Password on receipt
Sample Receipt – Home Depot Survey
  1. Visit, www.homedepot.com/survey site from here.
  2. Enter your area PIN, hence you will be redirected to a page with Survey rules (given above on this page) and previous winners list.
  3. Now, start the Survey.
  4. Enter User ID & Password from the receipt and begin the actual Survey from here.

Once the survey is over, you need to fill in your details to enter the sweepstakes program. Thus, if you are lucky enough to win the home depot $5000 gift card survey, you will be intimated about the prize details.

Enter Www.HomeDepot.Com/Survey Sweepstakes By Email

On a 3″ x 5″ size card, legibly handprint or type your first name, last name, email address, telephone number (including area code), and category (either Consumer or Professional) and mail your 3″ x 5″ card in a business-size envelope to:

If you are Consumer Category, send envelop to this address – ASC/ Home Depot 2021 Q1 U.S. Consumer Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 430, Macedon, NY 14502-0430.

Professional Category address – ASC/ Home Depot 2021 Q1 U.S. Pro Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 431, Macedon, NY 14502-0430.

Home Depot Department Contact Details: American Sweepstakes & Promotion Company, 300 State Street, Suite #402, Rochester, NY 14614.

Survey Sponsor: The HomeDepot Store Support, Inc., 2455 Paces Ferry Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30339.

INDEPENDENT ADMINISTRATOR: American Sweepstakes & Promotion Company, 300 State
Street, Suite #402, Rochester NY 14614.

To get the winners list of Www.Homedepot.com/Survey, visit this official link.

56 thoughts on “Www.HomeDepot.Com/Survey – Home Depot Survey 2021”

  1. I purchased a washing machine @ 12:16 pm on July 4th. When I get home I realize that it is for the wrong model. I ordered in-store WTW5005KW and on the bill, it is for WTW5000DW. This store @ 3155 Highway #7 only has the floor model. I don’t want that one. NO ONE IS ANSWERING THE PHONE. When the call is ‘ forwarded ‘ to another associate it just rings and rings [ let it ring 50 times ]. I tried repeatedly – no answer. The store is not that busy – AT ALL. I now have to return to the store. I should not have to. I will try once more. If no luck I will return to cancel the order and have my credit card credited.
    Pull up your socks Homedepot.

  2. I visit Home Depot at 751 E. Spring St. Long Beach Ca.several times everyone is helpful but is this Cashier Martha at the garden Dept. that I think is an asset for that store.

  3. Wish me luck and if I win I will use the prize money to make other improvements to my apartment.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  4. I was at the Home Depot store in Manchester NH.the another day. There was a employee from the paint department by the name of BROOKE. BROOKE had the knowledge and outstanding customer service that was unbelievable. Thanks to BROOKE I had all the items I needed for my project. Two thumbs up and a 110% for BROOKE experience in good customer service.

  5. Johnathon in the paint department in the Windsor Ontario store was accommodating in fixing my paint color, which was not quite right. Thank you.

  6. Jessica, a cashier at your store 1651 Airport-Pulling Rd., Naples FL 34112, is an excellent example of customer service. Her friendly smile and “service above self attitude” is a prime example for our younger generation to follow. As a customer, this employee generates loyalty to your store. Thanks for employing Jessica and others that show this added value to your stores.

  7. 12/5/2019, my wife and I purchased a new LG 30-cu ft. French door refrigerator. We discussed the pro & cons of each product before we made our final decision. We also purchased an extended warranty that was reasonably priced. Delivery was scheduled before the holidays, and our new refrigerator was delivered as promised, date, and time. Out of all my purchases from Home Depot and Lowes over the past years, the customer service and delivery service from Home Depot (Store 4653 North Richmond) was a 5-star experience.
    DS – Mechanicsville, VA.

  8. Melinda at The Home Depot in Beaumont CA was very courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful in assisting me in my flooring needs today, Jan 4, 2020.

  9. I made a range purchase at out Phoenix, OR store, and was delighted with the Assistant Jeff Whitman. I asked many questions, all of which he pleasantly answered. There was no pressure to close a sale at all. I left that department to purchase something else and returned to the appliance section, and he again answered my additional questions. I handled my paperwork, and I left the building very, very happy with my service. This store has very many helpful, professional, pleasant employees. That’s why I return with my business compared to other stores.

  10. I have received excellent customer service at the Dawsonville Ga store. I especially want to mention Dawn, who checked out my purchases today, amiable, professional, and helpful. Always a pleasure shopping there.

  11. Your associate, Anita W at store #0776 00004 42685 today, was such a great help to us. We were getting the PEX pipe along with fitting etc. – she explained how the system works, located a cutter for us, and the little tool just in case you need to take the joint back off. She was so patient, giving us a moment to decide on things and count what we were going to get. She was having a hectic day, stepping away to help others with questions, and came right back to keep us on track with what we needed. It was an excellent shopping & learning experience.

  12. Barbara K Zmijewski

    I purchased forty dollars worth of flower for St Lukes in Augusta Ga this morning at 8:59 AM. I tried to buy a crepe myrtle in the area marked 75% off, but when she rang it up, it said $12.99. I said no, it should be $5.00, do the math. She refused to see the sign or give me the proper discount. I have a photo of the original poster. Why do you employ people who do not want to do their job and do not even like customers? Merry Christmas. PS I went across the street and purchased the item at Lowes.

  13. I just left your Home Depot Store, 7690 Washington Lane, Wyncote, Pa 19095. I went in to by some exterior wood screws. The aisle was blocked but no workers in sight in either aisle to the left of right of the isle I needed access to. Finally, I approached a cashier and inquired as to why the situation. She sent me to the department manager, who told me the protocol required such procedures. I explained that no one was in sight for several minutes. When I asked how long, with no workers in any of the aisles, he told me as long as it takes. I then went to the service desk and asked to see the store manager. A chunky white clerk behind the counter (I am black) told me that the store manager was not available, but that she was the assistant manager and asked how she could help. I explained the situation, and she repeated the previous mantra about protocol. The lax attitude of workers in your Wyncote store is legendary. And if information regarding a product is needed, best to forget about asking a worker there. I generally travel the 6 or 8 miles up to your Willow Grove store when I need to purchase items. I recently stopped at you Downingtown, PA store to inquire about buying a dozen sheets of plywood I needed for a porch job.
    An elderly white salesperson explained the different types, and given my project limitations, recommended the standard CDX board. I would not get that kind of information at your Wyncote store, or even be able to find a worker who could explain the differences to me. Please hire fast and efficient workers, not the lazy kind, so prevalent at your Wyncote store. Too, your store managers and store assistant managers should be required to wear a pin visible with their name and position on their person. The “assistant manager” I spoke to today could have been any worker in the Home Depot Store. I don’t understand why shelves can’t be restocked when your overnight crew is working the building instead of during the busy hours of the day. I spend between $5000-$10,000 per year in your various stores, and these restocking closures happen far too often, seems to me. Workers can be fast, efficient, and safe if they have any intelligence at all and want to do a good job.

  14. I was at the Home Depot located at 350 N. Alafaya Trail Orlando, FL. 32828. I had an excellent customer service experience there. I just wanted to give the cashier named Crystal praise for being so courteous and knowledgeable about some of my questions that needed to be answered.

  15. Constance Gilchrest

    I cannot complete the survey. I have confirmed my ID # and Password and it will not accept. I want to thank Hans for such excellent service at the Coldwater, MI Home Depot. He was finished helping a gentlemen when I let him know my husband and I needed help with kitchen and bathroom faucets. He came right over and was very accommodating, helpful and gave us excellent customer service. Home Depot is fortunate to have such an outstanding employee.

    1. Hi Constance Gilchrest, I think you might make some mistakes while typing the User ID. Be sure that any characters resembling the letter “O” should be entered as the number zero (“0”). We will convey your regards to Hans. Thank You & Visit again.

  16. W846802407
    You sent me a link to fill out a survey and the link didn’t work. But I needed to let you know how good one of your greeters is and how helpful. I ordered a tool bag on line somehow the store changed from near my home to the other side of town. (again) I wasn’t angry but said something to the woman near the door (Roxane?) We laughed about it and she got me into a “lock box” by using the computer…..I was only there a few minutes but she was delightful and very very helpful.

  17. A short note to say that Bridget in the Electrical department on 12/4/19 at around 8pm was great . Asked to help me right away before I asked ,took me to where it was ,helped me find one of the specials up front and got me out in 10 minutes. I have complained to myself about HD customer service in the past but not tonight ! Thanks Bridget .

  18. On a very busy Saturday afternoon i had the privilege of meeting Kathy W., in the flooring department, at the Danbury, Ct store. She was extremely helpful and took her time to meet my needs. Even though the store was busy she never made me feel rushed. Thanks Kathy for getting the job done with mo stress! The whole experience was very enjoyable.i would also like to mention Rick Fisher who was also extremely helpful when Kathy wasn’t available. Thank you both for all the help you provided.

  19. Hi just shopped at Nimitz homedepot in Oahu and had asked 5 associates for help and they either had bad attitude or jus told da aisle number and sit of rude ones too but their was one associate that is not da retailer but a merchandiser that went the extra mile to help me and her name was Faye!!! If wasn’t her I’ll problem
    would’ve put the items back and walk out!!!Again thank u Faye mechadiser shame to the retailers that work there and they should be the ones to represent their store with excellent customer service.

  20. Debra at the Apex,N.C. customer service Home Depot took great care of me— from the beginning to end. She had such a happy smile and caring greeting . I told her about my concern ,she listened and solved the problem . This was on the Sunday afternoon when the lines were long . Thank you for having someone so helpful at the service desk. Please , let her know how much I appreciate her efforts. Hopefully, for me and your store she will be with you for many more years. Also a girl by the name Charlotte greeted me with a happy attitude.

  21. Hi Im Jeanne Just purchased a house with my grand kids i’m rasing them alone both of there parents died ,so I wanted to make a better live for them , trying to fix the house nice for them when they get older

  22. I called the Home Depot at 12300 I 10 Service Road, NOLA. I got to talk with Mark, and he put me on hold while he checked to see if the items I wanted were in stock. It only took about 5 minutes. He was professional and polite, and when he came back on the phone, he verified that the items were in stock. As I went looking for the details, every associate I came across was polite and helpful, and it was an enjoyable experience using this particular Home Deport Store. All the employees deserve a well done on an excellent job.

  23. At Spotsylvania Virginia Home Depot,
    We were in the Spotsylvania Store today shopping for folding tables and chairs. A fine gentleman named Chuck helped us. He was very polite, helpful, and respectful.
    Scott Neal.

  24. I went to the west side Wichita Home Depot and Susan helped me in the Garden Department. She went out of her way to make my shopping experience easier. She even cleaned the pots off that I bought! Who does that?! Thanks, Susan!

  25. Cashier Leilani was very helpful at the Hilo store. She noticed my bag of potting soil had a little rip and taped it up very well so it didn’t leak all over my car. So nice to be helped by such a friendly and thoughtful person.

  26. Today I had to make several purchases in a part of the store I am unfamiliar with, plumbing.
    I searched for someone who worked in this department and found Jimmy. He was very helpful and was able to answer all my questions and direct me to the items I needed so that my husband would not have to return to the store to bring back all the wrong items I would have found on my own.

  27. I recently visited Home Depot at Park Blvd. and Seminole Blvd and had another great experience. I dealt with David Keleher and Brian Kelly and got great advice and fabulously accurate saw cuts done. These guys are so helpful and friendly, not to mentions skilled at their jobs. I have always had such friendly knowledgeable service from the staff at this particular Home Depot. Tracy in the Paint Department is the best advisor I have ever dealt with at any Home Depot. He is so knowledgeable and has a unique blend of personal warmth and professionalism. I can’t say enough good things about Tracy. It is always a delight to deal with Home Depot at Park and Seminole.

  28. In the Delray Beach location on Waterford pl. Cashier Flora was wonderful. She was very personable and helpful. Thank you for a great shopping experience.

  29. This is regarding Regina Jones at the Home Depot in Columbia, MD. She helped me with the purchase of new slider patio doors. Regina did an amazing job explaining all the details and nuances of my purchase. She was very professional, personable, and efficient. She provided me with outstanding customer service and I couldn’t be more pleased. I hope you recognize her fine work in a formal way. A day off and money are always nice!

  30. Home Depot has been very close to my heart over the years. However, there is one thing, which is changing and you are going to be sorry for it. That is the self-service counters. I know it is mostly for labor cost savings but don’t be fooled by the $ saved. My Randal’s store took out the self-serve lanes because it was costing them almost a million dollars a year in theft! That is a lot of salaries! Upon checking out of Home Depot yesterday with 6$ worth of merchandise, I looked around and saw 1 girl among all of the self-service counters. I flagged her down to ring up my purchase only to be told that I have to use a “self-service” counter. If I hadn’t been honest I could rob you blind! I don’t care if there are cameras around. My purchase and four router bits and bingo you are really in the red! Get cashiers in there, pay them, and you won’t be sorry.

  31. I absolutely do not understand why you have stocked rolling tool chests right in front of the Pro desk at the Brodie location. You can not get through with Sheetrock, you can not turn the corner with lumber, no one knows where the line begins and ends. It is just asinine! And then the poor cashiers have to hear everyone complain to them when there’s nothing they can do about it. I get impulse buying and marketing but this is nonfunctional!!

    1. Hi Tracy Laney, We are sorry for your experience. Home Depot will improve the customer experience with opinions from loyal consumers like you.

      Thank you for taking the time to let us know your experience.

  32. Service was very quick and most importantly helpful. My purchase was completely processed in no time at all.
    It’s normal to take a long time to find someone to help not so. I love this experience
    It was the same good experience I had in the North Indio Home. Depot store as well I love shopping at Home Depot

  33. María melendez ruiz

    Excelente servicio. Muy rápido. Compre pintura y la persona que me atendió tenía amplio conocimiento en la pintura behr. El cual no orientó sobre cual debemos utilizar para techo. Complacida.

  34. Just purchased new fridge home depot Moncton Nb, my sales person was Claude Goguen this person was very helpful and very knowledgeable.

  35. I wanted and needed to bring to your attention of your employees at the Westampton NJ location and one stands out even more for me, Marion Moore.
    She is always friendly, can do attitude, never not my job personality. Never short of outstanding where I travel past your competitors locations knowing I will be not only welcomed but handled with knowledgeable personnel found elsewhere the staff acts being there as a job not a career and it shows how the customer is treated.
    In reference to Marion, regardless of my needs she makes sure whatever the project she helps with making sure I have everything, gives me ideas, and finally addressing the logistics which is primarily why Home Depot is in business. For example during my last visit looking at a refrigerator to Marion recommending the four appliance set showing how not only updating whole kitchen but over all the savings even though i’d be spending additional funds, so yes thank you for having me spend more money sounds kinda funny but she also educated me on the manufacturers and models best and why.
    Kudos to employing the personnel and namely Marion

    1. Hi Brian,

      Thank you for your detailed feedback on our employees. We try to help Marion achieve a good position at The Home Depot.


      1. I’ve been shopping at the store in Okotoks, AB. I just want to compliment the staff for their very pleasant and helpful service. Don, in the paint dept, has been especially helpful as has everyone else, from the cashiers to other staff on the floor.

    2. I am a single senior trying to learn how to build a small outdoor shelter for community cats. I have no previous knowledge of materials needed. I was very fortunate to see David Powell in the parking lot. He was kind enough to help me with a problem I WAS HAVING WITH MY CAR. then he accompanied me into the store, showed me exactly what I need.

    3. I have two of your employees that were extra helpful when I shopped there in the Coventry RI store. Diane the cashier in the outdoor cage . and a gentleman named Mike who went out of his way to help me load my car. with people like these, they bring back customers because of there attitude and helpfulness.

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