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Home Depot Facing Boycott Issue Over Co-Founder’s Donation To Trump

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The leading retailer store of the United States, the Home Depot is not facing some severe problems.

As it’s co-founder, Bernie Marcus, in a recent interview, said that he would donate to president re-election bid. Within a short note of time, this news got viral on social media.

One of the twitter users says, Never Shop at the @Home Depot Store. Also, the other said that he would cut his Home Depot Card.

The Home Depot
The Home Depot

So, the Home Depot Store is facing a severe boycott issue in recent time.

Marcus works at the Home Depot till 2002, after that he took the retirement from the business.

Further, Marcus is a huge supporter of Trump, and he donated lots to the presidential campaign.

Marcus & Trump
Marcus & Trump

In a recent interview of Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Marcus said, “I don’t agree on every move he makes.” But, everyone knew that he has a businessman’s common sense ideas. So, he talks very cleverly with the media.

Adding to that, Marcus also said that, the country and we are far better when we compare with the past six or eight years.
Social Media People is peeling Marcus for his support to the American President Donald Trump.

In the 2016 campaign, the Marcus has donated more than $7 million. Further, some of the reports say that he gives more than that.

Tweets About BoycottHomeDepot

Well, the hashtag #BoyCottHomeDepot is one of the trending topics on Twitter on Monday. Also, this hashtag becomes viral within a few minutes.

So, using this hashtag, all the users begin their discussion about the Home Depot. The tweets from various people are shown below.

If you are looking to buy a hammer, wood, or any of the home improvements at the Home Depot, then, you are directly donating the funds to Trump’s 2020 campaign.

I will not donate single money for the worst president ever.

One of the Twitter users said that I always shop at the Home Depot, all the products will be of good quality. Adding to that, he said that, thanks for supporting a good president.

One of the Home Depot Representative (spokeswoman Margaret Smith) said that the home depot will not endorse the presidential candidates. We won’t support

Donald Trump Tweets About Marcus:

  1. “More and more, the Radical Left is using Commerce to hurt their ‘Enemy.’ They put out the name of a store, brand or company, and ask their so-called followers not to do business there,” Trump tweeted Tuesday. “They don’t care who gets hurt, but also don’t understand that two can play that game!”
  2. I believe that if people stopped using or subscribing to @ATT, they would be forced to make significant changes at @CNN, which is dying in the ratings anyway. It is so unfair with such bad, Fake News! Why wouldn’t they act? When the World watches @CNN, it gets a false picture of the USA. Sad!

So, in this way the Home Depot is viral in the Social Media from few days. Let’s See what happens.

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