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Welcome to the Home Depot Survey Page (Www.Homedepot.Com/Survey), and Win $5,000 Home Depot Gift Card.

Home Depot wants to hear feedback from everyone about their previous experience. Surely, your valuable feedback helps the company in many aspects.

Every legal resident of the United States may participate in the survey in two modes.

  1. Online Entry.
  2. Mail-In-Entry.

Moreover, all the Home Depot Survey participants are categorized into two types, they are “Consumer Category” & “Professional Category.”

Eligibilities For Both The Categories:

There are two categories available, they are.

  1. “Consumer Category.”
  2. “Professional Category.”

To be eligible as the Professional Category, all the respective participants must be employed at the Home Depot Store.

Survey Participants need to be employed as General Contractor/Remodeler, Building Operator/Maintenance, Handyman, Building/Construction worker, Real Estate/Rental Property Manager, or Special Tradesman (includes plumber, electrician, roofing, HVAC.

Moreover, if any of the survey participants don’t satisfy the above requirements, then, they have to go with the Consumer Category.

If the survey is taken through the online mode, then, you are taken directly to the respective category as per your details.

Further, if any of the survey participants take the survey via Mail-In-Entry, then, you have to specify the category correctly.

Once if you complete the Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey, you will enter into Home Depot $5000 Gift Card Survey.

Www.Homedepot.Com/Survey Page – Take Survey

The essential purpose to take the Www.Homedepot.Com/Survey 2021 is to grab the feedback about the store.

Furthermore, all the legal persons of the United States with a minimum age of 18 can take the survey.

Whereas, some of the questions which are asked during the online survey are.

  • Overall Satisfaction: Home Depot Store asks for the Overall Satisfaction of the customer. Moreover, the customer must consider all aspects of the store and answer the following question.
  • Friendliness Of Staff: Every customer has to give his/her rating according to the friendliness of the staff. Moreover, Home Depot gives perfect training to the employees about the behavior with the customers.
  • Cleanliness of Environment: Home Depot is keen to maintain the environment of its store clean. There is a separate staff to Maintain the Cleanliness of the Environment. Further, you have to give your ratings about your previous experience regarding this point.
  • Product Quality: Quality is the major thing that Home Depot Store believes. So, I think there are no complaints regarding the Quality Of Product. Thus, give your ratings for the product quality at the Home Depot Store.

Home Depot $5000 Gift Card Survey (Mail-In-Entry Method)

All those who don’t have the receipt with you or the entry date expires. Then, take the Home Depot Survey with the Mail-In-Entry method.

First of all, handprint the details such as first name, last name, e-mail address, telephone number (including area code), and consumer category (either Consumer or Pro) on a 3″ x 5″ card.

Further, mail the 3” x 5” business-size envelope to the following address.

Consumer Category: ASC/ Home Depot 2021 Q3 U.S. Consumer Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes PO Box 430 Macedon, NY 14502-0430.

Pro Category: ASC/ Home Depot 2021 Q3 U.S. Pro Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes PO Box 431 Macedon, NY 14502-0430.

Steps To Do Www.Homedepot.Com/Survey 2021 – Online Mode

  • Firstly, visit the official www.homedepot.com/survey page.
  • Secondly, click the “Begin Survey” option. Before that, the Home Depot Survey is available in three languages (English, Spanish, & French). So choose an option before beginning the survey.
  • Thirdly, enter the Zip Code/Postal Code of your residence, click on the “Next” button.
  • Fourthly, enter the details such as “User ID” & “Password.” Further, hit the “Next” button.
  • Finally, gives your genuine feedback and enter into the home depot $5000 gift card survey sweepstakes.
Homedepot.Com/Survey Page
Www.Homedepot.Com/Survey Page

Online Survey Link To Take Www.HomeDepot.Com/Survey 2021.

Home Depot Survey Winners 2021

Home Depot Offers the best give away to the survey participants. Enter the Home Depot Sweepstakes Program & get a chance to win $5000 Home Depot Gift Card.

To get the home depot sweepstakes winners 2021, you have to submit a self-addressed, stamped envelope for receipt by January 31, 2021. Further, shoot your respective details to the following address.

“Home Depot 2021 Q3 Sweeps the US” (please specify “Winner’s List” or “Rules Request”), American Sweepstakes & Promotion Company, 300 State Street, Suite #402, Rochester NY 14614.

Finally, the Home Depot Sweepstakes Survey is over. Therefore, take the Home Depot Survey & Win $5000, Gift Card.

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  1. We would like to highly commend the services of Home Depot Employees at the Anaheim store location at 800 N. Brookhurst Street, Anaheim, CA, during our shopping there today Saturday, July 10, 2021, from 7 pm – 8 pm.

    Employee Alex was very friendly, helpful to help us loading 100 pieces of red brick and 2 bags of 50lbs of concrete into the cart. He did all by himself and very helpful to us.

    Employee Debbie provided quick, friendly customer service at cashier check out. She was nice.

    Employees Balshan Mangat and Angel Villa did help load up the stuff into my car trunk in a friendly and helpful manner.

    We were extremely impressed by these employees’ services. We are thankful and impressed.

    Xuan Nhi Ho

  2. Martell Stringham

    Last night I purchased a washing machine at the Sandy Home Depot. Syrian was the gentleman who helped me with the purchase. He was very professional and explained everything very thoroughly. If I were to buy another appliance, I would look for him.

  3. We picked up items yesterday at Home Depot in Abilene, Tx. Mary V.and Nick helped us get checked out, loaded, and on our way. These two employees are outstanding and made shopping at Home Depot a pleasure.

  4. This afternoon we shopped the Leesburg Home Depot, and Hubert assisted my son, who was shopping for lumber and materials for an engineering project. It was great! He had a great sense of humor and wanted to make sure my son took full responsibility for shopping and picking out his supplies – he spoke to him like a real adult but did a very needed introduction to the aisles at your store. Four stars!

  5. Hello,

    I received excellent service in Halifax today; employee Doug went above and beyond to help me. I was overwhelmed with his customer service at Home Depot Store. I haven’t received an excellent service like this in awhile. He helped me with my Storm Door.

    Thanks again, Doug!!


  6. Today I went to Dalton, GA’s Home Depot. I was WAY out of my league for sure, but I had the most helpful employee help me. His name was Tony Moss. (I didn’t know him, but I asked the checkout lady for his signature.) I came in with a non-working light fixture I’d had the electrician remove, needing to purchase a replacement and get bulbs for the other accessories. He knew the answers to my many questions, and even carried my merchandise to the checkout for me, all with a smile. Now that is service!

  7. I went to Home Depot Bethesda, Maryland, on 11/14/2019 around 8:30 pm to buy various supplies for my kitchen remodeling need. Based on my previous Home Depot shopping experience, I didn’t have high expectations for its service, especially in the evening. But, a gentleman named Robert made a huge difference that night. He advised me on the size, function, and price of several products – from the kitchen faucet, kitchen sink, LED ceiling light, bathroom fan, and water filtration system. Robert is knowledgeable and personable, the best of Home Depot!

  8. Don Doyle from the Bayshore NY store was beautiful! He was patient when answering my questions. He was able to perform service that I needed, which was changing the key that was included a doorknob that I purchased to a key that I brought into the store with me. If he couldn’t do this for me, I probably would have gone to Lowe’s for this service. He’s an excellent employee and represented Home Depot well.

  9. I want to acknowledge the exemplary service of one of your valuable employees, Velly, who assisted my husband and me with our washer and dryer purchase today. We feel fortunate to have the help of Velly, who is very knowledgeable of her products and took the time to hear our needs and customize our purchase. She provided professional recommendations that we appreciate. Our washer started acting out about two years ago, and we had had someone over to fix it and was hoping that it would last for as long as it can. I feel so glad that we waited till this day to replace it so that we could meet Velly, who was able to help us with such a big purchase!!! Washer and dryer are expensive appliances, and it is important to find ones that work well and hopefully last longer. I have complete trust in Velly, who I think makes an excellent ambassador of Home Depot. She is experienced, honest, personable, and articulate. I feel respected by her and truly enjoyed working with her. I wish Velly success in everything that she does. Thank you very much for your excellent customer service today! And no doubt we will return in the future for other household needs.

  10. I had a great experience at the Schererville location. Judy P was very knowledgeable and helped me with choosing the right appliances to fit my needs. She was very patient when I decided to change my order to another brand after completing the 1st order. I live in Lansing but prefer this location due to this site always having items that I need and someone available to help.

  11. Good morning, usually shopping at the Home Depot in Cornwall is efficient and productive. I have no idea why today was slow and frustrating. Still, it took 5 minutes to find someone to assist with lumber, and then another 15 minutes to sort out the price of an item, and then another 10 minutes to arrange with two people, the opportunity to try on some Milwaukee heated gloves. I thought the price was too high but purchased them anyways. At home, I checked online and found that I had been overcharged by $30. I then called your customer service line and eventually spoke someone who at first had no interest in helping me because I had purchased at a store rather than online. After 10 minutes of trying to make the fellow understand my concerns, he verified that I had been overcharged and said he was putting me through to the store. Instead of the store, I was hooked into a survey, and not the store, so I called the store, and they realized their price was incorrect after the woman went online. I now have to drive 30 minutes back to the store to talk to Customer Service and get a refund on my Home Depot credit card, and then I have to repurchase the item. So, the better part of half a day is wasted!

  12. I just wanted to comment on a young staff member, Nolan (Norris?) at the Sarnia store. There was another young man but I didn’t get his name. My daughter and I were looking at TV stands with fireplaces in them. These 2 young men searched all over to get an extension cord so we could the fireplace lit. They really spent with us and went above and beyond to service us well. Just wanted to say Job Well Done. I didn’t buy that day but because of them I am going back this week to buy the Fireplace stand.

  13. Shout out to Joshua in the parking lot at the Sunrise Home Depot in Rancho Cordova. He was friendly, enthusiastic, and went out of his way to say hello. It is employees like Joshua that bring people back to Home Depot.

  14. Received great service from employer # DxP0151, at the Valley Stream,
    Green Acres Road Home Depot. Great personality, knowledgeable. very helpful, Accommodating pleasant and professional. He got help and loaded the refrigerator in my Van. I am so happy , I was able to take my item home the same day!.

    1. Thanks to Bobbie Jo Daugherty Home Depot, Clayton, GA 30525. I had an issue with coupons on my Home Depot credit card. Bobbie Jo made numerous phone calls and got everything cleared up quickly and efficiently, a real rarity in this day and age. She was pleasant and most helpful.

  15. I was wondering why your notched deck post (090489237134) costs less than the plain deck post (090489359423). Notched $12.98 vs. Plain $17.47 ? They are the same size, same material. It has to cost more to cut the notches into it. Phil and Ken at the Pro Desk said I should E-mail you to ask. They did give me a discount on the plain ones but forgot to take off my military discount when re-ringing it up. Thanks for your help !

  16. I was impressed with the excellent customer service Evelyn provided at the checkout. She has a good caring attitude and it shows. My 5 year old granddaughter even noticed it. She said “That lady was so nice. I liked her talking to me, we need to shop here more”
    I appreciate Evelyn explaining the credit card to me and then making the process quick and simple to sign up for it.
    This was at:
    Home Depot
    7990 W Crestline
    Denver CO 80123

  17. Today I was in the Wisconsin Dell’s store. I spoke to Emma, then Jason,then Chris, and Kim. All of them went out of the way to make sure I had what I needed for replacing the faucet on my kichen sink. Jason was with another customer but was able to give me the exact location of an item I needed. Even telling me it was on a bottom shelf left side. Look twice so I don’t miss it. I asked to open a box, Kim could not be happier to open it for me. After reading the Instructions, and realizing I needed another item, I met Chris. He asked me what I needed the silicone for. He did give me ahint that another product would be easier to clean up while working the same. I needed to pass Emma a few times as I was going back and forth. Her directions were spot on where I could find specific items. The smile on her face was priceless when I told her that her directions were exact.

    My congradulations to the store for having an excellent customer service team in the store.
    Invoice 4929 19 97535

  18. My husband and I were in Home Depot today in Pittsburg, KS. We were assisted by Ashley in the appliance dept. She was so helpful and assisted us in purchasing a refrigerator and dishwasher. A few days earlier she helped me purchase a range hood. We are building a new home and have made several purchases at the Pittsburg store. We are so thankful that we have a wonderful store such as Home Depot in our city. Thank you so much.

  19. Paul Mason at the Chandler Az. Home Depot went out of his way to find several diverse items for me on 11/25/2019. He engaged me and was knowledgeable about locks, inventory and treated me as the most valuable customer in the store. If he worked for me he would train new hires on customer service. He a real good face on your Chandler store and the administration that had the good sense to hire him. Invoice #0470 00051 96407.

  20. I visited 2 Home Depot stores yesterday (Warrington and Willow Grove) and encountered 5 employees. I was impressed with how friendly and helpful all of them were. Special kudos to Diana (cashier) at Willow Grove for working with me on the item I purchased.

  21. Store manager Jeff Keller (Costa Mesa) nailed the Black Friday sale 2019. Poinsettia time can be a disaster, and it was in 2018 – near fights and hot tempers. This year it was very organized and ran so smoothly!

  22. On November 27th, I went to my usual Home Depot Store and needed the help of the Service Desk as I wanted to order a fireplace screen online but had a $25 gift card to apply, which is not available on online purchases. Although it was a hectic day, Cherie, took exceptional care of our needs, and November 29th received the item. Home Depot stands out, and staff like Cherie, are a pleasure to encounter.
    Thank you, Cherie, and thank you, Home Depot. The greeter, name unknown, was also friendly and most welcoming!

  23. On a recent visit to Home Depot in Freeport, New York, I was pleasantly surprised by the attentive service that I received. Everyone I spoke to was enjoyable and eager to help. I was directed to the gardening department. Also, another gentleman helped in that dept. With my purchase of a large ceramic pot, I proceeded to go to my car. I realized I could never lift the large bowl. He went back to the store and got a young man named Brian. He was eager to help. He secured the planter in my car. When I offered him a tip for his service, he refused. My visit on this day, November 20, was such a delight. I highly recommend Hope Depot.

  24. I appreciate how attentive your associates are at the return line. The young lady Samantha handling returns on 11/25 at 4:09 PM was exceptionally attentive and friendly and took care of my return super-quickly.

  25. Hello! I just wanted to say “Thank You so much,” again to Brenda Madrigal for her excellent customer service today, while I went to Home Depot to purchase a new stove. She was very attentive and courteous and extremely helpful & knowledgeable with my particular purchase. I did let her know that I was genuinely grateful for her excellent customer service and her kindness. She made shopping an exceptional experience for me today at Home Depot. I hope soon you can hire more great workers like her there at Home Depot, so other customers can have a great experience as I did today. With much gratitude – A future happy Home Depot shopper.

  26. A guy named Marty helped me today around 2:00 pm at the 1520 new Brighton Blvd. store in Minneapolis. What a pleasure he was.! Accommodating and professional. I would have purchased the wrong kind of door and would have had to bring it back.
    Duane Arens,

  27. We want to recognize Kevin from the Home Depot – Rentals department at Bridgewater Promenade location. He came highly recommended for support. We had purchased replacement tires and could not correctly inflate them. Kevin provided the service, which took 15+ minutes; when we went to pay, we learned there was no fee for this service but our thank you was appreciated. We hope you recognize this valued employee as he makes your organization great.

  28. I had a GREAT experience at your Minneapolis Quarry location on November 22, 2019. I ran into Bob when I came into the store. He helped me find everything I was looking for, and he MADE MY DAY with his great attitude. Then, Lila helped me check out without being asked to help. It was such a pleasant experience to be personally cared for in a large store that is a part of a MUCH larger chain. Thanks to Bob and Lila, I look forward to my next visit.

  29. The gentleman at the entrance by the customer service desk, I believe his name is Alfred. He was standing by the pool leads table. Anyway, WHAT AN AWESOME MAN! Just his interaction with me as soon as I walked in. He commented on my shirt, and we hit it off from there. It wasn’t so much what he said as opposed to how he spoke. As if we were friends rather than I was a customer. I NEVER do surveys, but this gentleman is a GREAT representative of your store. Keep it up, Alfred.

  30. In the paint department, Robin was accommodating TWICE in getting the paint I needed for the job and the right color. Tara rudely interrupted while I was talking to Robin and explaining what I needed. It was NOT work-related. Robing stayed focused and got my order done.

  31. Hi, I went to Home Depot, which in the spring area near to shinning creek lane for toilet flusher tank. A guy called Neville, who is the plumbing head, helped us a lot. Everywhere they said that tanks could not be replaced, but he made it possible. Superb talent guy.

  32. I just wanted to say what a great employee Berenice is at the Oceanside, Ca. The story just off of College Blvd. She was accommodating in finding what I was looking for and always had a smile on her face. The customer that she was helping before me, Berenice, was the same way with them and went out of her way to make sure they were happy with what they were getting. Berenice should get employee of the month.

  33. Please pass my appreciation to Barbara, the cashier in the garden shop at the Newport News store; she went out of her way to check prices, ensure I had the right product and did not leave until I was satisfied. An outstanding representative of the Home Depot organization.

  34. I love Homedepot. They have what I need most of the time. I am not a big fan of the self check-out through. Too many times, there is no bar code, or it can’t read the bar code. So then you have to wait for the Home Depot clerk to come and help you, and she most often is busy with another customer having the same problem. So it isn’t self serve. When you can find a register open with a clerk, they always have a way to check out even the most delicate items. I prefer that type of service.

  35. I am writing in reference to an incident that happened to me yesterday, Nov 16th, 2019 at the Home Depot store in Alvin, TX, Store #6539, and I do hope that someone from the management will read this. I was there with my husband and I had to go to the lady’s room, and while I entered it, I saw a woman spraying aerosol like crazy around in the sink area. The whole room was covered in that scent and it was potent. I have COPD and any aerosol, perfume or smoke can trigger a negative effect in me, which happened when I tried to zip up my pants. I felt like I was passing out, my oxygen level went low and I barely got out of that room. Outside, there was a bench, I set my concentrator down, hunched over when I heard a female voice asking me if I was okay. I told her no and asked her to stay with me, I was scared and had a very hard time to breath. She asked if she should call an ambulance I told her no just to stay with me, which she did. She asked if she should call someone and I said my husband was in the store so she called him with my phone, and said when he came that she will try to locate a scooter and find me a place to sit down and get better. Long story short, this young woman, her name is JESSICA MARTIN, was an angel, literally, she came at the right moment to help me, nothing medical just being there and not leaving my side until my husband came. I can’t remember how long she was by my side, all I know is that I don’t know what would have happened to me if she wouldn’t have shown up when I needed help. This young lady probably saved my life, as my oxygen level was really low, 98 is normal, mine must have been low maybe upper 70th, and it took my rescue inhaler and concentrator a while to bring it back up. I can not thank Ms. Martin enough, and I hope I see her again when I go back to this store. Ms. Martin showed me that there are still good and helpful people
    I would like to ask you for a small favor: Please take those aerosol spray cans out of the restrooms, I am sure that I am not the only one with COPD because they really can trigger something negative in people like me. Thank you for your understanding

  36. Hi, I was in Livonia, Michigan, Middlebelt store a few weeks ago and did not have a lot of time. I asked the store associate, Keonte Lott for assistance to help find the items that I was looking for. Keonte personally walked me over to the proper isle for the first item and then proceeded to help me find the exact item I was looking for. The second item happened to be at the opposite end of the store and once again Keonte patiently walked me over to the exact location and helped me find the second item. Thank You Keonte for the Excellent Customer Service! Keep up the Great Job!!

    Much Thanks,

    Tom K.

  37. I have been a Home Depot customer for a very long time. I shop at Home Depot instead of the other big box home improvement stores for a number of reasons: No matter the size of the purchase large or small I am made to feel welcome. I have on occasion waited a couple of days for a product to be in stock. As a Retired Army Veteran I get the same discount whenever I go. For the last 15 years, my company has been getting our needs met at Home Depot. I give to do it yourself Home Depot gift cards for Christmas and birthdays every year. So keep up the good work. I might get people into Home Depot for the first time but it is the service, the quality products, and prices that bring them back😁

  38. It seems like Home Depot just keeps getting better and better! every time I go I’m delighted with the customer service, the variety of products offered, and the quality.

  39. Today I came into the store looking for a lamp switch that slides on and off and some hairline crack sealer for my driveway. It took me a little while to find someone to help me but then I found Ron in the electrical department. He showed me exactly where to find the light switch and directed me to the aisle where crack sealer was. He was very kind and knowledgeable about the things I needed. I will not hesitate to look for him in the future when I shop there again.

  40. Today I needed a battery for my van fob. First I called and Home Depot they direct me to electronics, Jim answered and he assured me that they could find a battery. When I went to the store Jim remembered my call and was so helpful!
    He opened my fob (not an easy task) and we went to find a battery and he installed it for me. He was so patient and kind!! I was so grateful for Home Depot’s customer service and especially Jim. Thank you so much, Jim! Awesome guy!

  41. Thankyou Murray at Collingwood ON store, your expertise is so appreciated. We will be over soon for paint, flooring and lighting am so happy with the appliances purchased…so excited to receive them.

  42. I had to return an item, a bungee cord, that I could not use. I made the mistake, not HOME DEPOT. My Cashier, Dawan treated me fairly, with clarity, humor, and kindness. I wish to offer a high compliment to your employee. I really needed some understanding, I got it from Dawan.

  43. I want to thank Jasmine, at the Pearl City, HI store for her outstanding support, understanding and professional conduct. Your performance has made it a pleasant experience ordering my Appliances.

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